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I'm free user. Why I can't use XtraSEC Web Portal to manage my phone now?

Thanks for supporting XtraSEC mobile security.

We are regret to annouce that starting from 17th November 2011, XtraSEC will limit Web Portal access for paid user only. This is due to recent change of Google App Engine pricing scheme, our cost of operating XtraSEC Web Application has been increased more than 100x times.

We apologies for inconvenience caused, and free user will still able to use XtraSEC in SMS management method.

Thanks for understanding.

What is XtraSEC?

XtraSEC Mobile Security is a free Android security suite that helps user to protect their phone being stolen. XtraSEC provides some cutting edge and unique features to increase the chances for user to find back the lost phone and also prevent lost phone data leaked to 3rd party.

For more detail please refer to features page.

How do I uninstall XtraSEC from my phone?

If you have trouble uninstalling, go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators and uncheck XtraSEC. If you are System App user, please disable XtraSEC service before trying to uninstall.

Is my location data safe?

Yes. All traffic from your mobile phone to XtraSEC server is encrypted using SSL.

Why subscribe to XtraSEC web portal?

XtraSEC is freely available to all Android user. User can use SMS method to control their phone remotely, like Locate your phone.
Alternatively, if you find using SMS method is hassle or you prefer using web portal to control your phone, you may support XtraSEC by subscribe to our web portal access.

Please click here if you wish to find out more

What phone is supported?

XtraSEC is currently support on Android Mobile OS only. Started from version 2.0, XtraSEC minimum required Android version 2.2 and above.

How to add another phone under same Google account?

Yes, you can have multiple phones under same Google account. Just install and activate XtraSEC on the new phone by selecting same Google account during activation. After login to XtraSEC web portal, you may switch between your phones using "Switch to other phones".

How to delete old phones from my Google account?

You may contact us regarding this matter, we will manually remove for you. You may request for license transfer, if you had bought a new phone.

Does XtraSEC keep my Google account credential?

No. XtraSEC is built and running on Google App Engine. User Google account credential information is not stored in XtraSEC server.

Why the location information sometimes is not accurate?

The location information is based on Network provider or GPS provider.

GPS provider mean the location information is getting from the GPS satellites, accuracy is good.
Network provider mean the location info is get from the telco base station, hence the accuracy is bad compare to GPS.

The advantage of Network provider over GPS provider is Network provider able to get location data even your phone is not under the cloud. We suggest our user to enable both Network and GPS method. XtraSEC will help you to decide which method is more suitable to use in different environment.

Why XtraSEC does not response to my SMS command sent?

If you are GoSMS user, GoSMS will block all the SMS notification, including SMS command used for XtraSEC. Please go to GoSMS settings, Receive Settings and uncheck the “Disable other message notification“

How do I use SMS management method?

SMS command please refer here

Why I can't get location update after pressed "Refresh location"?

Please check your phone location method setting, XtraSEC required at least one location method to work. We suggest our user to enable both "Use wireless networks" & "Use GPS satellites". XtraSEC will help you to decide which method is more suitable to use in different environment. No worry enable both method will not consume more battery.

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